Birthday Celebrations

At the start of 2016 I had a mini mid-life crisis when I realised that I am turning 24 this year and thought I would be in such a different place in my life. I thought I would be married, have travelled to Europe, possibly purchased a home and have carved out a career path for myself. I am actually very happy with my life and how things have turned out. At 19 I wanted to move to Melbourne, settle down, get married, live in the countryside with loads of animals and a huge veggie garden and live a happy simple life. When I moved to Melbourne at 19 I started to tick off my list of ‘things to achieve’ and a few weeks after moving, I was engaged (still am, very happily engaged!).

Four years later, what I want and who I am are very different to what my 19 year old self wanted when I landed in Melbourne. I couldn’t imagine buying a house, just the thought of it gives me such anxiety. Getting married is definitely something I would like to do, when the time is right however currently both William and I feel no need to get married as it is not really going to change anything. I feel that wanting to get married early, purchasing a home and having a successful career were all part of me seeking validation for my life and who I was. After all of this I realised that I am very happy with my life and if I had the choice, I wouldn’t change anything. Now that I’ve told my little mid-life crisis story, here is how I spent my 24th birthday!

We had brunch which consisted of my favourite breakfast items –avocado on toast with garlic and tomato relish, hash browns, caramelised onions and orange juice mimosas. I could not have asked for a more perfect birthday brunch!

A few months ago I discovered Mister Nice Guy in Ascot Vale and immediately knew that I had to get my birthday cake from there! They make amazing vegan cakes look just as good as non-vegan cakes. It was so hard to decide what flavour cake to get and I narrowed it down to chocolate, banana choc chip, lemon and passionfruit. I went with a classic chocolate cake and topped it with pretzels. I never know what to do with left over birthday cake so I might find a retirement home that I can drop it off to because I don’t want to waste it and throw out so much cake.

For years I have wanted to have an indoor picnic and I always planned to have one for Valentine’s Day or our anniversary however I always ran out of time to prepare. William and I usually go out for lunch to our favourite Italian to celebrate my birthdays however, as the forecasted weather was freezing and rainy, I didn’t feel like going out and saw this as the perfect opportunity to have the indoor picnic I have always wanted. We had rawnola balls, popcorn, dark chocolate treats, and guacamole and tomato salsa with tortilla strip chips for dipping. Of course a picnic would not be complete without a fresh cocktail. I was going to go for a Pimms cup – a classic favourite, however it reminds me of drinking by the pool on hot summer afternoons, not what you want in the middle of winter! I decided on a Moscow Mule because of the amazing copper mugs! I don’t have copper mugs so ours were in mason jars however they were still delicious. It was the perfect picnic. We ate loads of food, drank our cocktails and watched movies all afternoon.

I had an amazing day and was showered with so much love and gifts from all the special people in my life. I am so grateful for such a wonderful day and I hope that next year is just as good!

P xx



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