Sunday Evening Pasta Feast

Pasta is the ultimate comfort food and since transitioning to egg-free pasta at home, I have struggled to create a pasta dish that I love and could eat 10X over. After many failed attempts I challenged myself to create a delicious pasta dish that can become a staple in our home. To add to that, we have my fiancé’s best friend staying with us and he is Italian so the expectations for this pasta were very high.

I made spaghetti pasta with basil pesto, mushrooms and pine nuts accompanied with a side of bruschetta.  You know your Italian is good when an Italian takes one mouthful of your pasta and bruschetta, then asks you if you ever thought about being a chef!


Every great meal starts with a great drink so I made us a classic favourite – the Moscow mule and they went down a treat. I find when I have ample time to prepare a meal, having a drink and putting some music on is so therapeutic. I love to cook especially for others, I don’t know why but I get so much satisfaction from cooking for others and seeing them enjoy and love a meal I have taken the time to make.


Pesto Spaghetti

250g wholemeal spaghetti pasta

1 medium sized chilli – chopped into thin slices

6 cup mushrooms – sliced

3 large garlic cloves – thinly sliced


Deliciously Ella’s basil pesto recipe minus the EVOO (it just takes a little longer to blend)

Cook the pasta, drain and stir in the pesto. While the pasta is cooking, add the chilli, garlic and mushroom into a frying pan, add the EVOO and sauté. Add the pasta to a bowl and serve with the chilli, garlic & mushroom mix.


1 large punnet of medley tomatoes from Coles or Woollies

1 large garlic clove – finely chopped

Balsamic vinegar

¼C finely diced onion

Hard thickly sliced bread

Dice the tomatoes, add garlic, onion, season with salt and mix. Add to the bread and drizzle with balsamic vinegar.

I served this with a cheats pre-made salad from Coles.


P xx


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