Gallery Wall Wish List

I, like the next person, am obsessed with Pinterest. I could spend hours on Pinterest pinning all sorts of things and I go through phases of different things / topics that I spend hours researching and pinning. Most recently my obsession has been gallery walls and more specifically, stairway gallery walls so instead of killing time pinning galley walls, I have been researching different art pieces that I can purchase to create my own gallery wall.

I started with Etsy first however found it difficult to find stores that had a wide range of what I was looking for. There are absolutely some great pieces on Etsy however it wasn’t really my cup of tea. I discovered Society6 about a year ago and have spent hours and hours over the past two days trawling through their site pinning different art pieces for my gallery wall project. The Society6 site is easy to use, priced well and their pieces come in a range of sizes with a great selection of frames to choose from. After spending hours trawling through Society6, I have found some pieces that would work well on two gallery walls – one in the stairwell and the other in the room that is my office. I am also considering a gallery wall in the living room however I am not sure if a gallery wall will work in the living room. Is there such a thing as too many gallery walls?!

I have selected a range of art pieces from Society6, Etsy and Fine Art America for the house and below is what I have selected for both the stairwell gallery wall and the spare room plus some additional pieces for the house.

Stairwell Gallery

I have selected pieces for the stairwell that reflect the interests and personalities of William and I. Most of the pieces look like they are the same size however they can all be ordered in different shapes and sizes and I would prefer them all with black frames.


My Office

As the gallery wall I want in my office is not on public display in the house, these pieces of art reflect my interests and are a little more personal. All of these pieces are from Society6 and are metal prints.IMG_8566IMG_8538IMG_8567

I would also LOVE these two metal prints for the kitchen and dining room areas.

I love all of these pieces of art and I’ll keep dreaming of these pieces until my gallery walls are a reality.

P xx


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