Summer Bucket List

Summer is well and truly here, my aircon is struggling and I can’t go for a walk without ending up like a drowned rat. Usually I let summers pass by while sitting in my cosy house with the aircon on and binge watching Netflix, however this summer I want to make memories and be present in my life. I have been thinking about what I can do this summer and have curated a summer bucket list of things I want to do that require me to be present and live in the moment.

Here is my summer bucket list, hopefully you can find some inspiration to be present in your life this summer.

Visit the beach more often

I have a love hate relationship with the beach. The beach is a very grounding and calming place for me however the thought of getting sand EVERYWHERE makes me cringe plus I don’t like to go in the ocean because who knows what is lurking in the water?!

This summer I want to visit the beach more often, take a big cosy towel along with a packed lunch, lay around and read my book all day. Plus, I tan quite well and for years I haven’t had a tan because I haven’t been out in the sun so this year, I definitely want a tan.

Go to the Moonlight Cinema

I have been to the Moonlight Cinema once before to see the Muppets which was amazing and I definitely want to go again. The cinema in Melbourne is in St. Kilda so of course I’ll try and sneak in a cheeky dinner date too!

Read one book each month

I have always want to do this and I always struggle to complete it however I have figured out why so I am sure I can accomplish this. The reason why I’ve consistently failed at accomplishing this is because I start reading a book, get disinterested and tell myself I can’t start another book until I finish the one I REALLY don’t want to read. Silly me. If you don’t like a book, don’t force yourself to read it.

Journal Daily

Writing is such a therapeutic process for me and I have tried journaling every day before however I would be great at it for a week or two, then I would go a month without journaling. I recently picked up a 365-day journal from Kikki K and I want to incorporate filling out the pages each night as part of my evening routine with a cup of tea. I love to go back through all my notebooks and reread what I have written about on particular days. It can take you back to a happy memory or a challenging time in your life which you can then reflect upon and see how much you have changed or grown.

Glamping at St. Jerome’s

St. Jerome’s have luxe glamping tents on their rooftop so you can view the Melbourne skyline with a complimentary cocktail in hand, have messina gelato and T2 delivered to your tent. If you stay on a Friday or Saturday, they also have a guided meditation class. Winning.

Clear out the house

Honestly our house is full of so much useless items that we don’t need or use. I’ve recently finished reading L’art de la Simplicite by Dominique Loreau which in short, talks about creating a minimalist yet luxury lifestyle in all aspects of your life, mainly in the home. One part of the book that sticks out for me is where Dominique talks about how a clutter free home equals a clutter free mind. After reading this, I noticed after the weeks following how true this is. Each time there was clutter in the house, I was less productive and had ‘mind cloud.’ I am going to have a big clear out over three days and create a sell, donate and throw pile. I would love to have the house feeling fresh and clutter free for the new year plus there are so many people that could benefit from all the items that we have and do not use.


I’d love to take some time away from all the screens that consume so much of my time. It is so easy to pull out your phone and scroll through social media instead of sit with our feelings and emotions in such a technology saturated world. I want to take time each day to be present and unplug from

Take more photos

I love to go out for the day, take loads of photos and have something delicious for lunch however, I very rarely get to do this. This summer, I want to make more time to go explore and take photos. Taking photos is a very grounding experience because you have to be present and in the moment. So many questions about the settings of my camera, composition and what I want to capture go through my head when I am about to take a photo which requires me to be engaged and present during the process. Like writing, I find taking photos ultra-therapeutic, perhaps it comes from the need to be present when performing these activities.

Weekly meditation classes

In the new year, I want to start working on myself and the spiritual part of my life in order to quieten my mind and feel grounded. Meditation does both of these and I have booked in for weekly meditation classes which are done in small groups of 10 with a meditation teacher. I have meditated by myself before however I always have a more profound experience when I have someone guiding me through the journey.


P x


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