Hello 2017

2017 is here, how? 2016 went by so fast and 2017 is jam packed full of milestone birthdays, holidays to plan, goals to achieve and life to live. I feel that in the blink of an eye, 2017 will have passed and I will be in 2018! Apparently writing down your goals makes you more likely to achieve them so here I am writing down my goals. I am not usually that great with setting goals and achieving them however I never really write them down and set my intention of achieving them so this could be why. I have written a list of small goals for 2017 that I would like to achieve. Do you set goals? What do you want to achieve in 2017?

Quieten my mind Occasionally my mind gets the better of me which breeds anxiety, animosity and negative thoughts and that is not a great headspace to be in. I am a pretty positive person, however this year I want to quieten my mind through meditating on a regular basis, practising yoga and being present in my life. All of these activities are grounding and bring you to centre and balance which in turn quietens my mind.

Read one book each month This has been a goal for me each year for the past for years and for the past four years, I have epically failed at it. This year I want to actually accomplish this goal.

Take a photography class I love to take photos and would love to be better at it.

Blog more I know this isn’t an overly specific goal however I do enjoy writing and definitely want to blog more this year.

Work out four times each week I have found a gym that really works for me and I always feel so good after going to a class. It is HIIT so you work your butt off each class and I love leaving class knowing that I have worked really hard and not just spent 40mins on the treadmill and called it a ‘workout.’

Be grateful I want to take time out each day to write 10 things I am grateful for. Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

Get outside my comfort zone The magic in life happens outside your comfort zone, not at home all cosy in my Bambi PJ’s watching Law & Order: SVU thinking about how I should go and do something. This year I want to get out of my comfort zone more, put myself out there and be vulnerable.

Be organised In some areas of my life I am the most organised person you have ever met and in other areas I am so unorganised, it’s not funny. This year I would like to get organised and create a schedule for all things that need to be completed daily / weekly / monthly.

Have more patience & compassion I am definitely not a patient person at all, I’m the now person who wants everything 2 minutes ago, I feel that with patience comes compassion because to have patience you need to be compassionate. If I am getting frustrated with someone because they made a driving mistake or aren’t doing something I want quick enough, ask why that may be happening. Are they going through a tough time or have they received bad news? We don’t actually know what is going on in everyone’s life and I feel that I need to have more compassion and patience for others. It could even make their day.

P x


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