Lush Green Walks

I took some leave over the Australia Day long weekend so I could have an extra long weekend and I am so happy that I did. If you’ve read my summer bucket list post, you will know that one thing I set out to do this summer is make time to explore and take more photos. Exploring and taking loads of photos is exactly what I did on Friday.

I headed out to the Dandenong Ranges because I have never been before and stopped in at the tourism info centre to grab a map. One of the ladies in there told me that Sherbrooke Falls was a nice little walk with some amazing falls at the end of it. I’m not sure if I went to the wrong place because where I ended up, the “falls” was a creek and some rocks so I was kinda disappointed. The walk itself is so peaceful and I found that the track wasn’t too busy. About every five minutes I would pass a group of people on their way back.

There is something about walking through lush greenery that I just love. All you can hear is the birds chirping and water rushing which reminds me so much of my childhood in New Zealand. During summer we would go to various rivers for the day and I always remember the rivers being surrounded by tall pine trees.


After Sherbrooke Falls, I headed to Olinda. There are so many cute little towns with old school buildings that house general stores and post offices. They even have the older style post boxes which I LOVED! Ultimately, William and I want to live in Mt. Tambourine and these little towns reminded me of Mt. Tambourine and why I want to live in the mountains.In fact, the whole day of exploring the ranges reminded me why I want to live in the mountains. It is just so quiet, peaceful and tranquil.

I stopped at the Olinda picnic area, took my turkish towel and lay on the grass for a good hour. The area was near empty with just one couple quietly reading their books at the bottom of the area. I turned my phone off, closed my eyes and just lay there on the grass being present and grateful for the moment which is another thing that I said I wanted to do this summer. I find it very grounding and peaceful being present in nature which definitely benefits my mental and spiritual health.


I am so happy that I went out of my way to visit the Dandenong Ranges and look forward to many more adventures, just me and my camera.

P x







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