Top 5 Faves // MAC Lipsticks

Last weekend I set aside a couple of hours for a brainstorming session to create content ideas for the blog in 2017. As I was doing this, I came up with the idea of a series called Top 5 Faves where I share my five favourites, similar to a monthly favourites, but different. This could range from breakfast foods to things to do in particular cities as well as makeup and beauty products. This series will be published on the first Sunday of each month in addition to the regularly scheduled Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7pm posts.

This month the top 5 faves is all about the lips, specifically MAC lips because who doesn’t love a good lippy?!


Flat Out Fabulous – This is the bright hot pink that everyone needs in their lipstick collection. Like all MAC matte lipsticks they all need a bit of help to get onto the lip but once they’re on, LOVE. I love to wear this colour in winter when I am wearing all black and want to add some colour to my outfit, without a super strong lip like Ruby Woo which brings me to the next colour.


Ruby Woo – You know those pictures you see of celebrities in old Hollywood glam makeup? The bright red lip, perfect winged eyeliner and nudey natural eye shadow? This is that kinda red, the ultimate red. Its bright, matte, blue toned and just PERFECT.


Whirl – Can you see a trend going on here? Yes I love a matte lip, but honestly, who doesn’t?! My Whirl obsession began when I watched a 90’s makeup tutorial by Tanya Burr and I knew I HAD to get it. I am so glad I did because it is the most versatile colour I have. Perfect for a subtle daytime look yet statement enough for the evening.


Cyber – I love this colour because I have greeny yellow eyes and Cyber makes them POP. For me, it is the perfect winter evening colour. I haven’t worn it too many times because you have to be really feeling it to be able to pull this colour off, and if you’re not feeling it, you’re just not feeling it. This colour slides on super easily, leaves your lips feeling moisturised and is great if you’re looking for a moody kinda lippy.


Designer Blue – This colour is definitely not for everyone. It is a shimmery navy colour and comes up sheer unless you line your lips with a dark blue first. If you are looking for a very out-there colour then this could be for you, keep in mind you have to totally rock it to pull this colour off! I love it.

P x


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