Exploring // Cape Otway


Last week I decided to go on a little adventure down the great ocean road to Cape Otway. There is something about exploring new places by myself with no reception and no connection to the outside world that I find so peaceful and fulfilling. I found Cape Otway by chance on Instagram and the minute that I saw the lighthouse, I knew I had to go there. 

The drive down to Cape Otway takes you through Lorne and Apollo Bay and if you have time, stop off in Lorne for a little hike to Erskine Falls. It is well worth all the stairs! The one thing love most about the great ocean road is that you are surrounded by both lush green forest and gorgeous beaches at the same time, plus both make for great photo opportunities. Once you get out of Apollo Bay, the road all the way to Cape Otway is lined with forest on both sides which I just love.


When I got to the kiosk which you have to go through to get to the lighthouse, a woman came to the counter and said that there was a snake curled up on the path. Not what I expected at all plus, I’ve never seen a snake in real life before so I was hyper aware when walking along all the paths. The snake was on the path to the lighthouse with a sign stating that it was dangerous and poisonous however loads of people were getting super close to it to try and take a photo. #ScaryAF


I never made it to the top of the lighthouse because I have a phobia of stairs with gaps in between them. I know how silly it sounds and I can usually make it up the stairs if I can hold someone’s hand however, I was there alone so I didn’t make it to the top. I am sure that the view would have been amazing though!

To be honest, I didn’t expect to enjoy going to the lighthouse as much as I did. I thought that I would get some photos and once I was done, get out of there however this was not the case. They have the old houses that were the homes of the lighthouse keepers and assistants still in tack, like a museum with all of their old furniture and bits and pieces. They also had all of the old communication flags in their original storage as well as the original Morse code transmitter. This isn’t something that I would usually enjoy however it was interesting learning about the way of life in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s in such a remote location. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Cape Otway it well worth the drive and I 100% recommend going on a day when it’s raining or overcast because the lighthouse looks amazing with grey clouds behind it.

P x







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