Date Night // Red Sparrow Pizza


My friend Jess tagged me in a Facebook post late last year and I was expecting a funny meme or a cute kitty video. What she tagged me in was much more exciting. It was an article on a new vegan pizzeria opening up in Melbourne sometime early 2017 and I have been beyond excited ever since! I kept a watchful eye on their social media pages so I could book a table as soon as they were open. They officially opened a week ago and on Saturday night we went for dinner at Red Sparrow and they definitely exceeded our expectations.


It is an unusual experience ordering a pizza with ‘meat’ and ‘cheese’ toppings that don’t come from an animal. I am not one for fake meats and cheeses so I was a little apprehensive about eating vegan cheese however it tasted like cows cheese and has the same texture. Weird. I ordered the Bianca which is a potato and leek pizza with garlic, mozzarella and parmesan which was heavenly. William had the Pepperoni and ordered the sausage and jalapeño to takeaway. On the tables, they had cute little jars filled with chili oil which was delicious on the pizza. Again, it is an extremely odd experience ordering a ‘meat’ pizza when you haven’t eaten meat in years.


The staff are super friendly and the pizza’s were the perfect size, had ample toppings and didn’t leave you feeling sluggish afterwards. We also ordered a side of the rosemary salt chips with chipotle mayo and aioli. The chips were well flavoured  however they were quite oily and a touch under cooked and a few of their reviews had also mentioned the under cooked chips. Other than that, it was a great experience and the food was amazing. We finished the night off with a stroll down to Gelato Messina for dessert which was amazing as always.


If you are going to try Red Sparrow Pizza, be sure to book as all of their tables were booked for 5:30pm and 7:00pm and they were having to offer takeaway only and turn away people who wanted to dine in.

P x




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