Minimalism // My Experience

Minimalism is something that, overtime I have come to love. In 2014, I found the minimalists online and thought that this was the answer to my lack of job satisfaction as well as the slump I was in. I remember reading that having no goals and getting rid of your corporate job was two ways to become a ‘minimalist.’ I went along with this for two months, having no goals and looking for a different job than the one I had, however I couldn’t find one that wasn’t corporate or part of the 9 to 5 rat race. Is there a job that actually exists?

During this time, I definitely was not happy with certain parts of my life. I felt like I was just bobbing along the river of life so to speak, had no direction and I decided to have goals again and start looking at alternative careers without limiting my options. Fast forward to 2017, I have the perfect job where I work from home, the hours are flexible and I am so much happier with my work life.

I did jump into minimalism very quickly and took everything that I read as gospel and now, I have found other ways to have a more minimalist or simplistic lifestyle without going from one extreme to the other. I read L’Art de la Simplicite by Dominique Loreau and this helped me gently start to transition our home, eating and purchasing habits along with changing our mindset regarding consumerism.

With any big change that I have ever made in my life, slow and steady wins the race which was absolutely the case here. We have less stuff and have sold quite a lot of the things that we did not use as well as donated a car load of items to charity. I have a goal of getting my wardrobe down to 30-40 items which I am slowly etching closer to achieving.  I figured that I don’t wear most of the items in my wardrobe so there is no point in keeping them all.

Having less gives you so much more. The house is easier to keep tidy and because if this, I have added mental clarity which means my ability to focus has improved tenfold. I can also think clearly and my ideas and thoughts flow with more freedom compared to before.

What have I done to slowly transition to a minimalist lifestyle?

  •  Cleared out my wardrobe and made three huge piles of clothes that I am currently selling on eBay.
  • Cleared out the kitchen cupboards so we had exactly what we needed and no excess. The excess was donated to charity.
  • Tipped out all the draws in the house that I had ‘stuff’ in and made a pile of things I either needed or wanted to keep. Everything else went in the bin or was donated.
  • Stopped buying things other than food, experiences and absolute necessities.
  • Stored all of our frequently used dry goods in the kitchen, in air tight mason jars. This is both convenient and aesthetically pleasing as I can see everything that we have on hand and also know when we need to purchase more.

I am not overly into lifestyle labels and I wouldn’t call myself a minimalist, maybe one day, but definitely not today. I am happy with where I am at the moment regarding transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle and my entire life feels less cluttered because of it. At the end of this year we will be moving house and I am looking forward to finding a smaller space that has white walls and hopefully high ceilings. I would love to fill it with lush greenery and a velvet green sofa. A girl can dream…

Hopefully this has inspired you to live more, with less. If you are interested in a minimalist lifestyle or even just cutting down on the items you own, here are a few of my favouite minimalist bloggers and YouTubers:

Becoming Minimalist

Rachel Aust

No Sidebar

P x








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