6 Places I Want to Visit Before I’m 30

I have a couple of trips planned for the next few months and they got me thinking about other trips I would like to take over the next few years. For me, 30 years is five years away which leaves five whole years to sneak in some cheeky trips and make some amazing memories! I have created a list of six destinations I would love to travel to in that time.

Hamilton Island
Image via http://www.qualia.com.au 

Hamilton Island, Australia

In my last year at school I discovered Hamilton Island and have wanted to visit ever since. Transparent blue water, sandy beaches, sun all year round – what’s not to love? So many Instagrammers post the most breathtaking pictures from Hamilton Island, especially the Qualia Resort which I have had my heart set on for such a long time.

Image via http://www.lifestyle.com.au

Uluru, NT

Another Instagram inspired travel destination! Melissa Findley who is an amazing photographer went to Uluru a few years back and if there is anything that represents Australia, its Uluru. Uluru had been long forgotten until a few months ago, when a lady I knew went on her honeymoon there and RAVED about it. She said it is the most magical place she had been and she is quite well travelled.

Image via Pinterest

Maui, Hawaii

Ok so it seems like ALL of the places I want to visit are because of someone who I follow on Instagram! Ellen Fisher is simply #MauiGoals. Her pictures and videos at one point had me contemplating popping out some babes and moving to Maui! Waterfall hikes, black sand beaches, fresh tropical produce, sun kissed skin and gorgeous sunsets is why Maui is on my list. I dream of one day (before I’m 30!) sitting on a Maui beach drinking cocktails and watching the sun go down.

Image via http://www.businessinsider.com.au

California, USA

I know, I know, Cali is a BIG place! I specifically want to road trip from San Fran down to LA, stopping at Big Sur, Yosemite and playing in the redwoods.

Image via http://www.melissa-findley.com

New Zealand

I would LOVE to go back to NZ and spend a few months travelling around or break it up into a couple of trips. Doing the Milford Sound Track is at the very top of my NZ list. It is a 4-day tramp and is dubbed ‘the finest walk in the world.’ Definitely outside of my comfort zone however life is what happens outside of your comfort zone! Next would be Wanaka. As a child, I would go to Wanaka and stay with relatives quite often and I have such fond memories of holidaying there in the summer, swimming in the lake then going across the road to eat fish n chips. Walking to the top of Roy’s Peak is key on my Wanaka ‘to-do list.’ Heading to the north island, Mt. Maunganui and the Coromandel are on my list. Basically, NZ is the most beautiful country in the world and if I could go anywhere there, I would be super grateful.

Canada train
Image via canada.com


Canada was the first-place William and I decided we wanted to travel to after we had been together for a few weeks. Can you imagine travelling through the Canadian snow covered mountains on a train? That’s the dream and why Canada is on the list!

What destinations are on your must-see list?

P x



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