Top 5 Faves // Sunday Breakfast

It feels like I haven’t written a top 5 faves post in months and I am super excited about this one. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and seeing as the weather is getting bitterly cold, it seems fitting that this post be about lazy Sunday breakfasts. I don’t have many breakfast items that I switch between, usually two or three throughout the season so I have also shared some drinks that I like to enjoy on cooler mornings as well as some other things I like on Sunday mornings.


I started eating porridge last winter and I am obsessed. As a child, my family would have porridge all the time however I always found it too milky and I have hated cows milk since I can remember so I would never have it. Last year someone recommended I have porridge for breakfast and I was hooked. I like to change up my porridge every now and then. Currently, I am loving sultanas and a dash of cinnamon and over summer fresh berries and bananas are my go-to. For one person, I use 1/3C rolled oats and 2/3C plant milk, usually almond or oat milk and I always add a dash of maple syrup. That is my base recipe and from there I can add any toppings I want. If I use sultanas, I like to cook them in with the oats to make them plump and juicy.



Bagels are a cheeky treat for me. I used to have a bagel every day for breakfast, oh how times have changed. I enjoy a bagel occasionally, usually on a Sunday morning and topped with avocado is always a must. I like to mix it up so some days I will add tomato relish and others I will have beetroot hummus with hemp seeds. Delish!


Hot Chocolate

MMmmm who doesn’t love a good hot chocolate? I made this for the first time over Easter and was pleasantly surprised. All you need is two squares of Lindt 70% cocoa chocolate and enough almond milk to fill your cup. Place milk and chocolate into a saucepan over a low heat, mix together and you have a hug in a mug!


ACV & Honey Tea

I have been drinking this for over two years and along with it tasting great, it has helped me ward off the winter cold that everyone gets every year. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and manuka honey both have so many different benefits to them which work to keep you healthy and I believe that drinking this tea is why I very rarely get a cold or the flu. All you need is one tablespoon of ACV and one teaspoon of manuka honey, mix with some boiling water and drink. If I feel a cold coming on, I will add lemon or ginger to give my immune system and extra boost. When buying ACV, make sure you get one with the mother in it, as the mother strand is responsible for the health benefits. I use the braggs one. When it comes to manuka honey, I am biased and always buy New Zealand manuka honey. I grew up on it and the Australian manuka honey has a very different taste and texture.When buying manuka, make sure the active number is 30+ or above. The higher the active number, the stronger the medicinal properties in the honey are.

Fresh Flowers & A Good Read

I love to pick up fresh flowers from the market at the weekends, they brighten any room and always have a nice scent. Plus, they always look good on the table with a big Sunday breakfast or brunch spread. Along with fresh flowers, a good book or the newspaper always provide excellent reading material for those lazy Sunday mornings.


What’s your favourite thing about Sunday Mornings?

P x



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  1. pittoresca

    My favourite thing definitely is to have as much time as I like and to read a book while having breakfast 🙂 and bagels are great too 😉
    xx Eliane

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