Trying Vietnamese For The First Time

I am not the most adventurous person when it comes to trying food. Give me an acai bowl and smashed avo for breakfast, followed by pizza and pasta for lunch and dinner and I am the happiest girl in the world. When my Uber driver suggested Jimmy Wah’s in Burleigh for Vietnamese and I was curious. I have never had Vietnamese before and I’ve never been a fan of Asian or Indonesian cuisine because every time I have had it, it has been super salty and the flavours were always too overwhelming for me.

Jimmy Wah’s was a whole new dining experience. Firstly, using chopsticks was not as hard or messy as I expected and the food was next level amazingness. It was incredible and totally blew my expectations out of the park. All of the dishes were light, fresh, clean and flavoursome without being too much. I thought that the flavours would be too overwhelming for my palette however I was completely wrong. Jimmy Wah’s has totally changed my mind about Vietnamese food and I am a little more open to trying new cuisines in the future.

I ordered the green papaya salad, tempura zucchini flowers and fried sweet potatoes and definitely recommend dining here if you are ever in Burleigh. They have quite a few good plant based options and I love how you can order loads of dishes to share with others.



P x


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