Exploring // The Conservatory, Fitzroy Gardens

I have lived in Melbourne for a little over five years and in the past twelve months, I have started to explore the place that I call home. I’ve been down the Great Ocean Road to the Otway National Park, explored the gorgeous beaches and witnessed the strawberry milkshake sunset skies over the pacific ocean. Then to the other side of Melbourne to the Dandenong Ranges with all of it’s lush greenery which is one of my favourite trips to date.

One of the places that I had not explored was the city and to be honest, I didn’t know that there was much to explore in the city. Going to the conservatory was not intentional, I was actually going to the Treasury Gardens which is opposite the Fitzroy Gardens and I could see a large tour group going into the building across the road. My curiosity lead me to going over have having a nosy. Wow wee am I glad I went over and had a look! This place is incredible and everywhere you look, there is something to see. The conservatory has five different displays over the year and I have spent over two hours photographing the current display and will spend many more hours photographing the other three displays this year.




The Conservatory is well worth checking out and I would recommend having a couple of hours free to roam the gardens and take in the sights. Also, a picnic lunch would’t go astray either.

P x





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