Spring Morning

“Spring is the time of plans and projects” – Leo Tolstoy

Hush Specialty Coffee is hands down my favourite cafe in Freo for almond milk hot chocolates and smashed avocado any time of the day. Earlier this month I met Nicholle at Hush for breakfast on a crisp Sunday morning when the cafe was quite and peaceful. Hush is quite popular so it can get very busy in there however if you go really early (7am early) you can be sure to get a table and enjoy some peace and quiet with your morning coffee.

After a delicious breakfast, we ventured onto Cheep, a vintage store where everything is $20 or under. I picked up a denim jacket for $15 and a Wednesday Addams tee for $12. #bargain. My new jacket is super warm so I wore it for the rest of the morning.

We went for a stroll down high street in west end looking for locations to take photos. West End is my precinct of choice in Freo because it has an astonishing aesthetic from the old door ways and facades to the hidden alleyways that are magical in their own right. The precinct is also far enough away from the strip that it’s home to locals meaning it’s quieter and there’s less hustle and bustle.

We found a little red brick alleyway that contrasted extremely well with my blue denim jacket and Maude Studio sunglasses; the photos turned out better than expected.

Now that we live in Perth, I am looking forward to more fun outings like this with Nicholle. If you are ever in Fremantle, do check out Hush; I promise you will not be disappointed.

P x


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