Happy New Year

Hello 2018!

How exciting, we have a new year filled with new opportunities, adventures, memories to make and photos to take. I am very excited.

Every year I have set out to achieve big goals, I then lose motivation because of the pressure to achieve everything. Keeping in line with heading towards a more minimalist lifestyle, I have chosen to scrap the long list of goals in favour of three simple things: Health, Happiness & Success.

I want to focus more on my health this year. Sure, I am vegan which is a much healthier diet however, I would like to be healthier and add more exercise into my routine. At the beginning of 2017 I was going to F45 classes 4 days a week and felt great however life happened and I found excuses so the F45 stopped. There is a new studio opening up 10 minutes from our new house and when it opens I will join along with adding some yoga into my week.

Mental health is also really important to me which means meditating daily to keep my anxiety at bay, allow me to sleep well and live an emotionally balanced life. Writing in my gratitude journal is very important to keep me grounded and happy in a way. Gratitude doesn’t necessarily equal happiness however it does remind me of what I have and removes lack from my life, therefore allowing me to live a happier life.

Success to me is exceeding expectations at work and posting each week on my little blog. I tend to be a quiet achiever and don’t like to tell others about my successes however this year at work, I want to work on talking about my wins and not being uncomfortable telling others that I have done well. In a non-bragg-y way of course.

Lastly but most importantly, happiness. I have an amazing life and each day I wake up and make a conscious choice to be happy. I choose happiness and sure every day is not the best day however, consistently my life is great. A lot of my choosing to be happy comes from being grateful for what I have but, who doesn’t want to be happy?

2018 will be about going on little adventures with my camera, making memories with William, taking hundreds of Polaroid photos and my mantra will be “you do you.” I usually live by this because I am not here to make anyone else happy or please anyone however this year I will be embracing the mantra and doing more of what I want.

What do you want to do or achieve in 2018?

P x










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