Glow Lab // A Beauty Review

Last year I talked about my very long and emotional healthy skin journey along with some of the products I used. In the way of being budget friendly, the products I was using were quite on the pricey side and towards the end of last year, I didn’t feel like I was getting enough bang for my buck.  This happened after I spent $190 on only three products.

I went to Priceline a few weeks back and found a beauty brand called Glow Lab. I instantly fell in love with their minimal yet kinda fancy packaging but the cruelty free aspect along with fact that they’re a New Zealand brand won me over. Before investing in all of their full sized products, I went for their Mini Treat Yourself Pack to test run the products.


The mini pack comes with their Creme Cleanser, Face Moisturiser, Night Cream, Facial Serum and Body Lotion. I have been using these for the past month and wowza! I am impressed. The first thing I need to point out is that they have created some magic way (scientific but let’s call it magic) of getting the moisturisers to be absorbed by the skin ASAP which I LOVE. I’m all for a heavy night time moisturiser but, I can’t stand going to bed with a thick layer of film on my skin knowing my pricey night cream is going to be absorbed by my pillow, not my face.

Creme Cleanser ($15.99) I am not sold on cleansers in general because do they actually clean your pores and get deep in there like on the TV commercials? I do know that my skin generally feels cleaner after use. I usually go for a cream cleanser because they are more likely to keep my skin hydrated rather than stripping all the goodness out of my face. This cleanser smells nice, leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh and keeps the goodness in my skin aka, I don’t have super tight facial skin after use. If you are in the market for a budget friendly, cruelty free and smells-so-delicious-I-want-to-eat-it cleanser, then this guy is your new best friend.

Face Moisturiser ($15.99) This product I love. It is light weight, a little goes a long way, it smells amazing and I really feel like my skin laps it up. Perfect as a base for foundation during the day or if you need a lighter nighttime moisturiser. You get so much product for the price that you pay and I have already purchased a larger version of it.

Facial Serum ($29.99) Honestly I have never used a facial serum in my life and I wish I had. This little beauty will be a permanent item in my skincare routine because it does wonders for my skin. It is filled with Vitamin E and I have noticed that since using it, I have less red irritation around my nose and chin areas where I usually have red-ish skin.

Night Cream ($18.99) As previously mentioned, I love this product. I love how my skin absorbs the product within 5 to 10 minutes after application and that the product goes into my skin, not on my pillow. When I wake up in the morning my skin feels fresh, hydrated and healthy. I could not recommend this product enough.

Body Lotion ($14.99) I can’t really comment on the body lotion fairly because in the mini pack you get a small tube that I used up in two applications. It would be unfair to comment on this although it does smell amazing and soaked into my skin quickly.

I am a big fan of the Glow Lab products and will definitely be purchasing more. They have an exfoliator and face oil that I will be picking up when I am in Priceline next. I highly recommend these products, they smell amazing, work effectively and are extremely well priced from $11.99 to $29.99.

If you have tried any Glow Lab products, I would love to know!

P x


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