A Morning By The Ocean

This Easter Long Weekend has been jam packed with all sorts of activities that made my heart do a little happy dance 100 times over. I have been in a bit of a creative rut recently, which seems to happen often. Is this normal when leading a ‘creative’ life? I was wide awake at 5AM each morning and headed out to the beach instead of laying in bed thinking about how early it is and the fact that I am wide awake.

The ocean is a very magical place, extra magical in the morning before everyone is up for the day. There are the odd early risers that were going for a swim or trying to catch some breakfast but it was mostly quiet, peaceful and just how I imagine paradise to be. You could see the ocean floor through 5 metres deep water, there were dolphins playing and a small community of people who have become tight knit purely from seeing each other at the beach early every morning.

My beach trip was finished with a hot chocolate and mooch around the streets of Fremantle while the city slept. I have so much happiness in my heart now that I am back behind (and sometimes in front) of the lens and capturing images that make my heart overflow with joy.

I hope you enjoyed your Easter long weekend.

P x





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