Life in the Slow Lane

As I write this, I’m sat at the indoor-outdoor table of this incredible Airbnb we’re staying in, afternoon sun peeking through the windows, my braid is half fallen out and being swept in all directions by the afternoon breeze. Life is good.

Slow and simple living is something we’ve come to fall in love with over the past four months. We are staying in what has to be my absolute favourite Airbnb so far, I just had to share the photos and was inspired to divulge a little about our lifestyle.

After choosing to live permanently in Airbnb’s, our life started to dramatically change for the better. For a number of years I’ve been curiously interested in the minimalist movement and travelling the world in a van, camera in hand. Not until making a rather large life change, did I realise how possible the life I’ve wanted would be.

Living a lifestyle with no fixed address definitely has its challenges; hosts cancel or do not respond to booking requests in time, we’ve occasionally had to rely on amazing friends or book a last minute hotel so we don’t end up homeless for the night or week. Cooking can sometimes be a challenge if the right tools aren’t available and occasionally, you might not gel with the host.

In saying this, we absolutely love the lifestyle we have, and have no desire to change it now or in the distant future.

The perks of this lifestyle are second to none. We get to stay in some incredible places, explore areas we would otherwise have never visited, meet cool new people and have interesting conversations. Creativity wise, it’s probably the best thing we could’ve done. William and I both are a hell of a lot more inspired, motivated and proactive with our creativity; any chance we get to visit somewhere new, we take it and we also make more time to fuel our creative desires.

285DF324-8714-48D3-B4D3-E816FF8B7CAE.jpegI can comfortably say now that we could call ourselves minimalists. We’ve paired down our lives in ways I never thought possible. We both have one large suitcase each for clothing, shoes, skincare and toiletries and books. William also has a seperate small suitcase for his PlayStation and games; other than that, we live a very simple life. Having such little space removes the need or desire to purchase so many unnecessary items that we don’t really love. If we want to purchase a new item of clothing or pair of shoes, we have to consider space and if we have enough of it in our suitcase.


Living a slower and simpler life gives us more freedom and flexibility than ever before. We’ve both stopped working full time 9-5 jobs and now only work part time, which allows us more time to focus on our creative careers and earn money through means which we are passionate about. We can live literally anywhere we want to; if we want to stay in Fremantle for a week, we can book a place and work our part time jobs around that. We can book a plane ticket, choose and Airbnb and all of a sudden we’re living in Byron Bay for the next two weeks. Moving is simple.

Time is the most precious commodity that money cannot buy and living this way, we have much more of it. I put a lot more consideration into how I am spending my time and if it’s what I really want to do before I agree to anything. I feel less rushed and flustered now that I have freedom and feel more in control of my time. If I spend three hours on the couch, reading in the afternoon sun, there is no FOMO because I have time to do everything I want.


Pairing down our lives to a rather minimal state clears mental space, leading to creativity flowing with ease. There’s less to stress and worry about, my anxiety has dropped dramatically and I have time to do what I love.

Living this way is definitely not for everyone; if it is for you, it’s a fucking great life.

Would you pair down your life to live permanently in a van or Airbnb?

I hope this post and future posts inspire just one person to live a more nomadic lifestyle, it really is incredible.

P x


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