An Early Morning in Hyde Park

Since starting to work for myself, I’ve found that sleep is something my body does not need very much of. I am awake at some point between 4am and 5:30am most mornings with bounds and leaps of energy; for someone who’s number one hobby is sleeping or napping, this is not good. Now that I am not slogging it in a job I loathe, I am less stressed and my body seems to need very little sleep.

Last week we stayed at an amazing Airbnb that was opposite Hyde Park, Perth and like clockwork almost, I was awake with buckets of energy at 4am. After listening to a Serial episode, I figured Hyde Park would look pretty in the morning and made my way across the road. It was totally worth it. There are these old school lamp posts that light up the walkway which reminded me of Harry Potter and the ducks were running along the path with their babies. From what I could see, I was the only person in the park and I had the best time soaking up all the beauty mother nature had to offer.

Here are some photos from my morning.


P x



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