Morning Habits that set me up to win

In line with my previous post regarding my mental health, one thing I’ve come to realise upon reflection of my words, is the morning habits I keep and how they play into keeping me on track in so many ways. A morning routine filled with things that make me happy and keep me healthy in a mental, spiritual and physical manner are so important in setting me up to have a good day. These are just a few things that I do to set myself up to win each day.

A Walk In Nature

Going for a walk every morning for 20-60 minutes really sets me up for the morning. I listen to a podcast that teaches me something, usually a GaryVee or Joe Rogan Podcast, inhale fresh air, soak up some vitamin D and get to enjoy nature all while moving my body and releasing happy endorphins. Occasionally I’ll go for coffee after my walk and edit the photos I took, this makes me so happy and I’m totally in my element when I do this.

Make the Bed

Sounds simple enough however, I never used to make the bed until we invested in Egyptian cotton bedding and I was beyond excited every day to make the bed and have it looking amazing. I’ve now become a stickler for making the bed every morning because it clears my mind. In a weird way if I don’t make the bed, I feel that my mind is cluttered and I don’t have the clarity I need to be creative during the day. It’s mostly a mental thing however, I feel good with a freshly made bed.

Cold Shower

These are something that take a bit of getting used to and you will most likely squeal or swear a lot during the first three to four weeks until your body gets used to them but, I also don’t think you can really get 100% used to them. Cold showers make me feel like I’ve already achieved something for the day so by the time I am dressed and ready, I’ve achieved at least three things; exercise, making my bed and a cold shower. It gives me the feeling that I’m on a winning streak and I like to try and continue that throughout the day.

Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is probably my favourite meal of the day and I like to make sure it’s a relatively healthy meal. Usually I gravitate towards a smoothie, especially in summer however winter generally consists of porridge with banana and year round I like to treat myself to avocado on toast on the odd occasion. There is usually a lot of protein involved in breakfast by the way of hemp or chia seeds and always fruit to give me sustained energy throughout the day.

What do you do in the morning to set yourself up for a good day?

P x


One Comment

  1. pittoresca

    I love morning walks too (especially when I listen to audiobooks or something while walking) but for me it’s rather a hot shower than a cold one šŸ˜€
    xx Eliane


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