Tips For Cultivating Creativity

Creativity is a funny old thing. Either I am feeling super creative with ideas flowing or I feel stifled with no creative juices in me, there is no happy medium, just one extreme or the other. I have found over the last two years that I have more mental clarity to create when the space I am in is clean, tidy and everything is in its rightful place. This means the house is tidy, bed is made, clean washing has been put away, dishes are done and I’m on-top of all my household chores. When my living space is at this point, it’s like the floodgates of creativity open up and BOOM, I have ideas flowing through faster than I can open the notes in my phone and write them down.

Earlier this week we booked into one of our favourite Airbnb’s; William’s favourite because of the big fuck-off 60″ TV that he can play RDR2 on to his hearts content and mine, because it is literally my dream beach house. It’s filled with plenty of natural light, cosy AF couch for snuggles, plenty of indoor plants and the aesthetic is very up my alley. I always envisioned recording the first episode of my podcast here and we’re recording that this weekend (cannot express how fucking excited I am about this!!). I also feel very creative and at home here. This place makes me want to work harder to achieve the goals I have for my life, create more content and just do more.

Here are the little things I do to allow creativity to flow freely through so I can create content, achieve my goals and work towards the life I want.

Make the bed

I am a huge believer in making the bed each and every morning. I have been a stickler for it for many years and in the past few months William has clocked onto it too, whoever gets out of bed last in the morning, makes the bed. It’s our little unspoken rule. Having the bed made helps me mentally get clear for creativity. Cannot tell you why, I just cannot function 100% if the bed is not made. Writing this makes me think I have a complex.

Tidy the house

So, so important for me. Basically, having a tidy and clear physical space for me means a tidy and clear mental space. When the dishes aren’t done, they take up space in my mind. When they are done, they’re not something I need to worry or think about, thus they take up no mental space in my brain box and I’m clear to have creative thoughts.

Move your body

There is no use being inside and looking at the same thing over and over hoping to have some creativity come to me. Getting outside and exercising always helps clear my mind, usually I’ll go for a walk or do some stretches in a nice park while listening to a podcast and funnily enough, when this happens because I am not trying to force creative ideas, they just seem to flow.

Get outside

I cannot stress enough how much getting outside and being in nature is a bloody godsend for me. Relaxing in nature, listening to the birds chips away in the trees and getting fresh air does wonders for my creativity. Thoughts ebb and flow and I can really get clear on what I want to create.

What do you do to cultivate creativity?

P x






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