Hi there, I’m Pania (Paa-nia) or simply, P for short.

For years, I have wanted to start a blog where I can share my images and writing for those who want to read it. I don’t have a set category of topics that I will write about, I want to have as much creative freedom as possible when it comes to my writing so I will leave that open. I can however tell you that you will see posts about the things I care, love or am passionate about.

I love to cook and create in the kitchen so recipes and food ideas are a given. I like to go on little adventures, just my camera and I so you will definitely see loads of images from my little outings as well as the occasional travel post. For me, writing is a creative outlet that also lets me process how I am feeling about certain things so there will definitely be posts about heavier or deeper issues and topics as well.

I currently live in the Perth Hills with my fiancé William and hopefully a kitty in the near future.

Hopefully you enjoy what I write and the images I share.

Feel free to get in touch – hello@paniaivy.com

P x