As a Marketing & Social Media Specialist, I can add value to your business and brand in the following ways:

  • Develop a clear marketing strategy to achieve your business goals
  • Increase engagement across all social platforms
  • Generate brand awareness within your target market
  • Content creation in the form of video, photos, memes, quotes, written form and audio
  • Influencer engagement and marketing
  • Creative social campaigns
  • Paid Instagram and Facebook Advertisements

A case study of work for Lorne Beach Pavilion featuring multiple successful marketing initiatives.

Styled Shoot

An Autumnal Coastal Affair was a styled shoot that I created from inception to execution, at very little cost to the business. This styled shoot was published on Ivory Tribe, one of the largest wedding blogs and directories in Victoria with successful social media exposure, leading to requests for weddings styled specifically like this.



Instagram Growth

Over a period of 12 months, I grew the Instagram account by 700%, leading to an increase in enquiries purely derived from the platform, and creating brand awareness. This saw an increase in top line revenue for the restaurant and an increase in event bookings. This was the only platform the business wanted to utilise for the weddings & events arm of the business. Facebook was 90% utilised for the restaurant side of the business.


Directories that the venue advertised on were hand selected to reflect the calibre of the venue. All copywriting and image selection was completed by myself along with the selection of directories.


I built relationships with local suppliers that provided a high level of service to our clients to one, promote their brand and two, leverage off these relationships when needed. The best example of this is the Autumnal Styled Shoot I arranged. This was put together by local suppliers that donated their time and resources to executing this shoot and in turn, was published on Ivory Tribe.

This was only possible because of the relationships that had been built over a period of time by myself and through recommending their services.

If you want to work together, please get in touch via hello@paniaivy.com